JFE-EH400 Wear-resistant steel plate

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abrasion corrosion resistant JFE EH 400 Plates. Made using JFE EVERHARD these plates can be fabricated into any desired form. They have a wide application swearing to their hardness, abrasion resistance, formability, toughness and durability. Alloy metals are added to provide surface hardness in JFE 400 Flat Plates.

Over the years since the production launch the “EverHard” (EH) abrasion-resistant steel plates from JFE Steel in the 1960’s, EH plates have been used for wideranging.

applications in industries such as mining, civil engineering, and construction machinery. Ever Hard

plates have also been steadily improved to satisfy more exacting customer demands for abrasion resistance, lowtemperature toughness, weldability, and deep-hardened thick plates.

The standard type has three grades, JFE-EH360,JFE-EH400, and JFE-EH500, ranging in thickness

from 6 to 50.8 mm. A minimum surface hardness isguaranteed.

The three-digit notation for the grades in Arabic numerals is the classification for minimum Brinell hardness.A classification of ‘360’ means that the hardnessof plate surface is over 360 (average 400); ‘400’ means over 400 (average 450); ‘500’ means not less than 477(average 500).

JFE-EH400 Chemical Composition(%)*

thickness (mm)
Heat treatment
6~50Controlled Heat treatment0.25 max
0.55 max1.60 max0.030 max0.030 max0.80 max--0.005~0.0200.004 max-

*Elements that are not given in the above table may be added. Chemical composition data are quoted from our molten steel analysis.

Ceq**=C + Mn/6 + (Cu+Ni)/15 + (Cr+Mo+V)/5

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