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HB 450 Plates

Gnee is a specialist supplier and exporter of thick 450HB and 500 HB wear resistant steel plates. We have HB 450 abrasion resistant plates in stock with a focus on heavier plates between 50mm to 150mm.

We understand customers whose requirement for wear resistant steel plate is extreme and who cannot use thinner abrasion resistant plates. Typical usages for our heavy 400HB plates are for penstock construction in the hydroelectric and mining industries.

Thick plates are also used for very large earth moving and excavating machines whose capacity to move huge tonnages requires a corresponding increase in the structural strength of the steel and its thickness.

Finally customers use the thinner wear resistant plates for the entire range of slide conveyors, chutes, silos, deflectors, screen plates, cutting edges, dump trucks and loading shovels that are required by the mining and construction industries. 

400HB AND 500HB WEAR RESISTANT STEEL PLATE EX-STOCK  Wear resistant grades available
- 400HB
- 450HB
- 500HB
- Dillidur 400
- Dillidur 500
MTC to EN 10204 3.1(and 3.1B to EN10204:1991 in some cases)
Thickness up to 150 mm
Widths 200 mm, 2500 mm and 3000 mm
Lengths 6 and 12m

Table below shows some of the key characteristics of different wear resistant steel plates that are available with the Dillidur brand. Dillidur Impact has a 400HB rating and is carried in stock

355 LIMPACT400HB450HB500HB
Abrasion Resistant++++++++
Cold formability--++0-
Hot formability+0---
Use at high temperature+0---

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