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DILLIDUR 450 plate

DILLIDUR has been a fixed part of the global battle against cost-intensive wear for more than 50 years. Initial equippers and producers of wear-parts use these hardened proprietary steels with great success in many sectors, including earthmoving machinery and mining. Thanks to its decades of further development, DILLIDUR provides a unique combination of high resistance to wear and easy working and welding.

The strengths of DILLIDUR proprietary steel

• The steel composition of DILLIDUR, optimised to achieve high wear-resistance combined with pleasant working and welding, permits low preheat temperatures for welding and flame-cutting. This assures greater reserves in workshop fabrication and for on-site repairs under adverse conditions.

• DILLIDUR steels are available with hardnesses ranging from 325 to 550 Brinell to withstand maximum exposure to wear.

• Many thick-walled wear-exposed components, such as high-capacity shovels for punishing service in mines, for instance, need special resistance to cracking. The solution then is DILLIDUR IMPACT, a steel possessing verified extremely high toughness. 

Steel Grade Overview

Thickness (mm)Nominal hardness BrinellSpecial Feature
DILLIDUR 55010 - 51550
DILLIDUR 5008 - 10050
DILLIDUR 4508 - 100450
DILLIDUR 4008 - 150 (200)400
DILLIDUR 325 L6 - 50325air hardened for higher service temperature or hot forming
DILLIDUR IMPACT40 - 150340with enhanced crack resistance

Material Selection

550500450400IMPACT325 L
Abrasive Wear+++++++++++
Cold Formability--0++--
Hot Formability----0+
Service at elevated temperatures----0+
Crack Resistance--0+++-
Chip-removing Machining--0+++


Heavy plate for earthmoving machinery and mining
Many leading manufacturers of earthmoving and mining machinery, around the entire globe, put their trust in Dillinger heavy plate? Because: anyone who produces machines that reliably achieve ultra-high performance under the most adverse service conditions, day in, day out, must also be able to depend on his partners' performance.

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