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Hardox 450 plates

Hardox® 450

Hardox® 450 is a premium and trademarked brand of formable abrasion resistant plates produced by SSAB with a nominal Brinell hardness of 450. Hardox® 450 is intended for applications where demands are imposed on abrasion resistance with good cold bending applications. Hardox® 450 is supplied in a primed and blasted condition, therefore having a superior surface condition when compared to other abrasion resistant plate products in the marketplace. Hardox® 450 is also supplied with cut edges which can reduce fabrication costs when plates require to be butt welded together. Hardox®450 also has excellent Impact Properties with typical values exceeding 30 Ft/LBs at -40F.

Hardox 450 plates are used in the original fabrication and repair of heavy equipment subject to severe wear and tear. Most common applications are:

  1. Mining & Construction Equipment

  2. Truck Bed Liners

  3. Excavating buckets

  4. Hoppers

  5. Conveyors

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