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NM400 Steel Plate

NM400 is one kind of Chinese wear/abrasion resistant steel plates, which is well received in middle east and Africa. An NM400 wear-resistant steel was hot rolled and then the plates were heat-treated by direct quenching and tempering and reheat quenching and tempering techniques, respectively. The impact test was carried out with an instrumented impact tester. The micro-structure and fracture surface were investigated by a combination of optical microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy methods. 

With high mechanical strength, NM400 is 3 times to 5 times more than common low-alloy steel plates which can significantly improve surface hardness, usually achieved 360 ~ 450HB.

The series of NM wear-resistant steel combined the properties including high strength, high hardness, high wear resistant, weldable, bendable and mainly applied in:

Edge of loaders in loader industry

Wear-resistant lining plate in crusher industry.

Slat type conveyer in colliery mechanical industry.

Lining plate of coal pulverizer in power industry.

Lining plate of hopper for heavy handling truck.

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