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NM360 Wear Resistant Steel

NM360 Wear Resistant Steel 

 Chemical Composition (%) of NM360 Wear Resistant Steel


Mechanical Properties of NM360 Wear Resistant Steel

Thickness/mmReL /MPaRm /MPaA/%Hardness HBW10/3000Impact -20℃/J

Contrast Test of Wear Resistance

Test GroupGradeWear Test
EEMS10104 (Sweden)1.00
NK-EH400 (Japan)


Specification Range of NM360 Wear Resistant Steel Plate:

  • Thickness: 8mm-300mm

  • Width:1500mm-4020mm

  • Length: 3000mm-18000mm

  • Adopting standards: WYJ030-2005

  • Dimensin,shape,weight and allowable deviation according to standards: GB709-88 or EN10029

  • Supplied in the as-rolled condition: Q&T or Tempered

  • Ultrasonic test: GB/T2970-91 or EN10160-1999

  • Delivery time: 30-60 days

  • Payment term: T/T or L/C

  • Minimal order:1 pcs

Gas Cutting Characteristics of NM360 Wear Resistant Steel:

Gas Cutting Processing is allowed. Applying high pressure gas and low cutting speed to prevent split in cutting area. When cutting outside, preheating temperature 60 -90℃ in cutting area with flame spraying gun be recommended before the cutting. 

Machining Characteristics of NM360 Wear Resistant Steel:

Cutting and Shearing Property of the plate perform well. Proper feed amount and feed rate should be selected according to hardness of plate and cutting tool. The tools’ materials usually are high speed steel or cemented carbide, for cutting and polishing, carbide-coated tool is demanded.

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